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  Instead of flicking here there and every where.

Before you know it you are spending hundreds of dollars Monthly.

Thousands yearly with very little results.

Join the original working from home programs. GDI was my SFI sponsors very first affiliate program she joined in 2009. Then SFI & Traffic Wave in 2013. Reinvesting her commissions buying her scripts for DWSEarner. Maree Designs. ABC4income and Traffic Marketer Pro from 2015-2017..

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Traffic Wave is where we design all our AutoResponder Campaigns with splash pages.

Building our Client list to keep updated with news letters.

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Let me know which campaign you would like me to duplicate.


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Working with your Ideas you supply to design your splash

  Newbies set aside a few hours to click these links and study.




Daily Planner We All Follow.

1...  Surf 50 0r View 50 Banners at Maree Designs.  1 Winner Daily of 1 Banner with 5000 Views.
Use the social share buttons daily at Maree Designs. Sharing to Facebook Google + etc. Give Gift Slots.
Check Emails and send all unwanted emails to your spam folder. Keeping a tidy inbox.
Surf 100 -200 daily at DWSEarner... Check Surf Chat Bar for random Fab Prize Giveaways.
View ABC4Income for all training videos and articles if with SFI.
6...  Surf daily at Our Admin Watch Sites. Be sure to advertise DWSEarner, participating daily.
Log into Maree Designs go to the down line builder Page.  Surf in rotation 2-3 different Sites.
Safe Lists Be sure to sign up with a second G Mail Account. Keeping your main account tidy.
Update all members Via Back Office at all Down line builder Sites. Weekly Send Emails.
Check in Often to our Face Book Group and Web Talk Community.


Sign up to GDI Via the Down line builder program listed at Maree Designs.

Send Maree a support TICKET! Adding your referrals links etc to design this page once you have joined our Power of three programs above.

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I earn from all my SFI teams shopping at Maree's ECA Store.

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This is just an estimate chart to give you an idea of Future Planning For Promoting Maree Designs. 

Using Traffic Exchanges, safe lists, web talk, social media etc.

Do not be lured away by over rated hype emails. We just send them to our Spam Folder.

Find Links to our Down line builder sales funnel programs at Maree Designs..

Maree is like your personal watch dog researching new launches, keeping an eye on our sites we all use. Updating and removing sites when necessary.  Sites can change with the wind what was great last year can suddenly take a dive and disappear into the night with members hard earned cash.

Start Training 5 members then these 5 members train 5 in their down line.

So on and So on.

Generating Numerous Different Income Resources as your team duplicate the same system.